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SportsIcon Previews The Sports Metaverse with Legendary Athletes

SportsIcon Previews The Sports Metaverse  with Legendary Athletes

  • General European Strategic Investments Inc. (GESI) is pleased to announce that its 100% owned Wyoming USA subsidiary, GESI Holdings LLC, has officially launched the World’s first Arbitration Membership Token.

  • The GESI token initiative will support arbitration proceedings to be filed imminently by Eurogas Inc. (1) at the World Bank’s ICSID in Washington D.C. against the Slovak Republic for up to $US13 Billion – GESI tokens will represent fractional ownership of up to 80% of the potential award.

  • With more than 10,000 coins and tokens in the crypto industry as of 2022, the market is continuously flooded with new entrants. Out of these thousands of crypto projects, only a small portion is backed by actual utility, giving them the potential to make it big. The GESI token is among a handful of cryptocurrencies with an explosive growth potential due to its revolutionary concept of being the world's first arbitration membership token with a solid utility and real-world application.

  • The GESI token was created on the ERC20 Ethereum smart blockchain to fund arbitration proceedings and support the substantial damages claimed by Eurogas Inc. (1) under the BIT (Bilateral Investment Treaty) with the Slovak Republic in the amount of up to US$13 Billion. In 2018 Eurogas Inc. (1) transferred 80% of its potential future ICSID Award from the new ICSID Arbitration Proceedings to ZB Capital AG, the wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary of GESI, via a notarial deed. This means that all GESI token holders will participate in proportion to the number of membership tokens they own.

  • Funds gathered through membership token sales will be used to offer legal, operational, social activism, online social awareness, international media, token awards distribution, and travel and insurance support to ZB Capital AG. Once the case arbitration proceeding is finalized and the award is received, it will be distributed among membership token owners in proportion to the number of tokens they have. Since the Highest US Appeal Court of the 10th Circuit ruled in January 2019 in its historic Final Judgement that EuroGas Inc.'s Slovak "talc assets" have always belonged to EuroGas Inc. (1), the odds of winning this arbitration have increased significantly.

  • The supply of GESI membership tokens is limited to 100 million, which will represent 80% of the award from the ICSID arbitration proceeding. With the pre-membership ready to start, interested purchasers may participate in the first round where supply is limited 5 million tokens. The price may increase for the next rounds of the private sale.

  • To purchase or learn more about GESI’s membership tokens, please visit https://gesitoken.io or contact us via [email protected].

Wolfgang Rauball, Director & CEO of GESI said “We are thrilled with the launch of this unique membership token initiative and the significant opportunity it represents for all GESI stakeholders. This will provide GESI with all the resources it needs to press forward and move towards unlocking the massive value represented by our imminent arbitration proceeding with the World Bank’s ICSID in Washington D.C. .”


Wolfgang Rauball,
Director & CEO General European Strategic Investments Inc

General European Strategic Investments Inc. (“GESI”) is a US OTC listed company holding significant interests in Tier-1 and district-scale projects in Europe.


[email protected]


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