Mosdex is Now Offering 30 USDT Through its Referral Program

The cryptocurrency arbitrage platform Mosdex is constantly introducing new ways to onboard customers and help members generate passive income in crypto markets. The platform recently announced it offers 30 USDT to users who sign up through a referral link. Along with this, the platform also has its Mosdex VIP and Pro grade programs through which existing Mosdex users can refer their network and receive lucrative rewards.

Arbitrage trading has become a top choice among investors, given the current market uncertainty and the safety and accessibility of arbitrage trading. It also protects the user from losses when the market crashes. Arbitrage trading platforms like Mosdex feature DAMS, DFCs, and other security processes for users. 


Mosdex uses the PSM model i.e. Consumer Interest Sharing Model, to offer a profit-sharing process with modern technology for creating a unique staking platform for users. The platform’s referral program ‘extends reference PRO-level privileges to qualified references.’ Mosdex users meeting the requirements specified by the company are eligible to get a PRO-level upgrade.


PRO Grade Program

The Pro-Grade program rewards users when they start staking. Users can check their PRO grade after they start staking. One can check their current PRO grade through the PRO structure or Reference Program. Users who qualify for the PRO Grade program will get real-time upgrades for their PRO levels. Mosdex will pay the PRO program compensation in real time to the recommender and the person receiving the invite in interest amount after the reference receives the stake claim payment. A user can check this in their reference program history.


For example: When a user receives and subscribes to the Mosdex platform using the referral link, they will get a fixed percentage of commission as given above. The recommender’s reference PRO Grade and the commission percentage are as above.

For instance, a user with a staking amount of up to 10,000 USDT and less than or equal to one valid referral will receive a 1 percent commission and 0.5% staking rebate and get the grade PRO1 referral grade.

VIP User Program

Mosdex has also introduced its VIP User Program as a part of its referral program. The program benefits eligible investors when they invest in staking. The users will also get a bonus per their VIP grade each time they claim. The following table explains the total assets available to account and staking assets and claim payment bonus for the VIP level. 

As given above, the VIP1 Rank user must have up to 100,000 USDT balance in their account. They can claim a bonus of 3% when they start staking. The claim bonus starts from 3% up to 7%.


To receive rewards through the VIP User Program, Mosdex users need to start staking. Every user can check their VIP grade in their account settings. Qualified Mosdex users will also get real-time upgrades for their VIP levels. The bonus is paid in percent real-time to the interest amount after receiving confirmation of the staking Claim payment. The user can check this through their history.


Terms and Conditions


  • Mosdex can cancel or modify the rules at its sole discretion.

  • Everyone participating in the program must comply with Mosdex terms and conditions.

  • The platform holds the right to disqualify participants if they are found guilty of abusive activities or participate in dishonest activities during the event, like bulk account registration for additional bonuses or activities associated with illegal, harmful, or fraudulent purposes.

Generating passive income with Mosdex


Arbitrage trading is a safe way to generate passive income over a long time through Mosdex. A Mosdex user only needs to spend some time daily. Mosdex has a user-friendly platform and does not require a user to be a crypto or finance expert. The platform offers low to high-return options for its users to create a steady passive income as follows:


1. Flexi saving or withdrawal

Hoarding crypto is no more the trend with Mosdex Flexi saving or withdrawal option. Any user can lend their crypto to a fellow trader and make contribution-based profits.


2.    Boost rates or passive income

Those who require additional income can select the Locked Savings option and get profit by locking crypto.


3.    Passive income and rewards

A user staking coins for a particular time to enhance network security and generate passive income, ultimately helping blockchain investors improve coin balance.


As arbitrage trading continues to be an accessible and safe way for users to trade, platforms like Mosdex are making efforts to increase arbitrage awareness through their referral programs. Their PSM model and modern technology make them a unique platform for protecting user assets and effortlessly collecting bitcoin assets. Mosdex also aims to eliminate problems associated with arbitrage trading, like high thresholds, fees, and liquidity. 


About Mosdex 


Mosdex is a crypto arbitrage automated platform introduced in 2022. The platform helps reduce costs by making cryptocurrency management easy and flexible. The automation platform has real-time analytics and offers a safe and accessible platform for trading users as well as exchanges. Mosdex developers have created the platform based on ML and blockchain technology. It helps users generate a passive income. 


Mosdex spokesperson states their profit generation approach is due to their hard work. He further said, “We worked hard to create our own gadgets and improved the richness of the platform. We are constantly updating our utilities to make sure we have purchased the goods and are selling well and accurately.”


Mosdex currently allows BTC and USDT arbitrage staking and plans to introduce additional coins in the coming days. The company is also taking efforts to identify high-liquid projects and introducing operation controls to encourage multiple institutions to invest in digital assets.

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