LunaOne Metaverse – True Decentralization in Action

People may undertake both virtual and real-world activities simultaneously on LunaOne, a Web 3.0 platform. It’s a place where people may make money, study, play games, and interact with other people from all around the world.

The XLN token will serve as the primary fuel for all of the system’s transactions, and it will keep the LunaOne metaverse running smoothly. Binance Smart Chain will soon host this new token. Investors can join the XLN presale on LunaOne’s website.

Easy to Access

As a result, LunaOne is distinct from other VR/AR settings in that it will be available on a wide range of key gaming/VR/AR platforms and technology. The LunaOne ecosystem is also accessible to those who play games on well-known platforms. The project’s founders are also working on integrating LunaOne and smartphones.

Games like Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network have millions of monthly visitors from around the world. Since it has the largest reach, LunaOne may be best in the metaverse. 

A Hyper-Realistic Metaverse at Your Fingertips

The LunaOne kit includes a tracking device that enables people to watch how someone’s face shifts in real-time. The outfit will also include tracking and haptic suits and gloves. As a result of this revolutionary technology, people may now experience the virtual world via their bodies and even feel it on their skin.

Working with VR and AR businesses, the group develops wearable tech for the project’s participants. You may fully immerse yourself in your avatar and LunaOne’s virtual environment if you purchase one of these branded kits.

LunaOne’s Decentralized Social Life: How Is It Achievable?

In LunaOne’s districts, anyone can purchase virtual land. Customization of individual properties is possible because each NFT is unique. People will realize that there are many sorts and classes of NFTs in their environment, just like there are different types of avatars and other NFTs.

In addition to going on quests and hosting visitors, those who purchase real estate can also attend special events. Users of LunaOne don’t have to rely on third parties to attend events like concerts and seminars.

True Decentralization As an End Goal

The team devised a mechanism to further decentralize the network: the DFS.

People in the LunaOne group will use this technology to connect and store data in the metaverse. Using a launcher, you may join the DFS system and sync your data.

The platform reserves a special role to any member of the DAO who has LunaOne’s governance token. Voice, text, and data services will benefit from LunaOne’s decentralization.

People should be able to converse in the metaverse, according to LunaOne. Their goal is to create a communication strategy that works online and offline.

An Outstanding Professional Team

One of the most significant blockchain teams is LunaOne’s since it includes many former Fortune 500 employees.

People who desire to make the world a more decentralized environment are the precise target of LunaOne. Decentralization and long-term virtual society technologies are two of LunaOne’s main daily goals. 

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