L7 Global Public Beta Progressing Smoothly: An Overview of New Functions and Features

Since launching its global public beta on January 20, 2024, L7 Global has offered an enriched, flexible, stable, secure, and reliable trading environment.

With a wide array of popular cryptocurrencies, L7 Global meticulously curates quality digital assets for futures and spot trading, providing global users with varied products and services that ensure low fees, security, and convenience in trading.

Leveraging extensive industry resources and a holistic ecosystem, L7 Global has developed a comprehensive system for global project expansion and operational management. It has also established a vibrant community spanning over 100 countries, fostering a forum for investors worldwide to engage and exchange insights.

During its public beta, L7 Global introduced the Contract Alliance Program and OTC Merchant Recruitment, inviting global influencers and quality merchants to join and contribute to a more professional, efficient, and secure digital asset trading environment.

L7 Global's Public Beta: Impressive Milestones

L7 Global's public beta has achieved remarkable results, demonstrating the strength of its community and trading platform. It has attracted traders and investors from around the world, achieving the following astonishing accomplishments:

1. Over 60,000 registered users, with daily active users peaking at over 10,000

2. Users spread across 100 countries and regions

This data represents L7 Global's popularity on a global scale, continually expanding, and its trading ecosystem becoming increasingly prosperous.

As a world leading one-stop digital asset trading platform, L7 Global has consistently adhered to a "user-first" philosophy. It is committed to offering the safest and most user-friendly trading platform, supplemented by strategic all-around industry chain operations.

Prioritizing User Experience

L7 Global recognizes that the exchange industry's competition has evolved, with user experience now serving as the pivotal competitive advantage. A platform that fails to deliver a satisfactory user experience risks losing its user base to competitors with superior offerings. Thus, L7 Global remains dedicated to a development strategy that places user experience at its core.

In today's digital asset trading platform landscape, differentiation increasingly hinges on continual improvements in user experience. This forms the basis of L7 Global's competitive strategy, particularly focusing on safety, product offerings, and interaction experiences.

1Secure Trading Environment

L7 Global has engineered an efficient trading engine and an enhanced matching system to handle high-volume transactions. It implements rigorous security protocols, including multi-signature wallets, cold storage solutions, and real-time monitoring, to provide banking-grade security for user assets. Additionally, its mobile application caters to the on-the-go trading needs of its users, with future plans to offer API integration for seamless third-party service connectivity. Regular system upgrades ensure a continuously improving risk control framework, further safeguarding user assets.

2“Friendship with User” Product Philosophy

L7 Global provides a rich, flexible, stable, safe, and reliable trading environment with straightforward and smooth operation scenarios, thereby lowering the entry barrier for users to effortlessly engage in spot, futures, and other derivative trading. Through strategic partnerships, global business development, and thorough market analysis, L7 Global vigorously expands its business and user base, enhancing its platform's services. Simultaneously, L7 Global strives for rational trading and investment practices, embraces regulatory standards, and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and compliant trading platform for its users.

L7 Global adheres to a "friendship with users" product philosophy, develops products tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of users across the globe.

3、User Experience Based Interaction Design

Setting aside complex product designs, L7 Global opts for simplicity, creating an intuitive and trustworthy trading environment for investors. It caters to user demands with an all-in-one interface and a wide array of trading options, making trading and asset management more accessible and less intimidating for all users.

L7 Global’s product interaction design integrates aesthetics, simplicity, efficiency, and utility, offering users a streamlined yet rich operating experience.

Why Choose L7 Global

1.Convenient Cryptocurrency Trading: L7 Global consistently innovates by developing new trading products, offering a comprehensive suite of digital asset trading services. This includes a high-performance futures trading platform, a variety of spot trading options, risk-free demo trading experiences, copy trading, and convenient OTC trading options, providing users with the latest investment opportunities while ensuring the safety and fluidity of funds. Users can trade hundreds of digital assets, including BTC, ETH, and ORDI, experiencing top-tier trading depth. To meet diverse user needs, L7 Global actively explores and offers a range of both mainstream and niche or emerging digital asset pairs.

2.Comprehensive User Support and Education: L7 Global provides multi-channel user support, including online customer service, social media, and a knowledge base, helping users solve problems and enhance their trading experience.

Currently, L7 Global is in its global public beta phase. As this phase draws to a close, L7 Global is set to undergo comprehensive product optimization. Soon, L7 Global will transition to its official launch, at which point we will introduce a variety of activities designed to reward our extensive user base.

Reflecting on the development history of the exchange industry, there has been a shift from crude traffic-driven strategies to differentiated user-centric thinking. The industry has embraced competitive elevation, with excellent user experience becoming a pivotal point for future exchange growth and a key to breaking through. L7 Global remains user-focused, aligning with market developments to provide the best service possible, continuously propelling the industry forward and establishing a new digital financial hub. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, nor is it intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended you practice due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor, before investing in or trading cryptocurrency and securities. 

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