JAT Mainnet 2.0-JATI will be launched on 10.25

The global blockchain public chain network JAT (Jumbo Advertising Talent) 2.0 — JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence, “JATI Smart Chain”) will be officially launched on October 25, 2021 to support JAT global users and JAT Better development of global landing applications. JATI Smart Chain (JATI) can be described as a comprehensive technical upgrade based on the original JAT network, which will run independently and replace the JAT 1.0 main network with faster speed and better performance. A new blockchain public chain network with better and more powerful functions. The launch of the JATI main chain network means that the chain will be able to support more ecological partners to participate in the layout of the ecology, accommodate a larger scale of ecological users, and more possibilities can be realized on the chain. This will be another important milestone of the times.

JAT mainnet 2.0 is online-JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence)

What is the JAT Smart Chain?

JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence) is a comprehensive technology upgrade based on the original network of JAT Chain (JAT) and independent operation replaces the original JAT Chain (JAT) based on “blockchain technology + smart contract + lightning accurate access Technology + DAPP Ecology” brand new blockchain public chain network. JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence) is a blockchain public chain network based on the IPOW (Information Proof of Work) information flow proof consensus mechanism. The underlying technology is consistent with mainstream currencies such as Huobi Ecochain and Binance Smart Chain. Optimized and innovated, built a blockchain public chain network that can support smart contracts, achieve programmable scalability, can isolate witness access, and support ecological construction and development of a series of decentralized Dapps applications.

In the future, including but not limited to digital marketing related fields, a series of ecological applications will be developed and implemented on the JATI main chain network. In terms of algorithms, the original JAT chain (JAT) JAT-SHA512 algorithm is changed to the innovative and improved JAT-ethash algorithm, which enhances security and flexibility and can support the public chain for more extensive landing applications.

Compared with JAT mainnet 1.0, what are the improvements and advantages of JATI mainnet 2.0?

The brand-new JATI Smart Chain (JATI) has undergone a comprehensive technical upgrade compared to the old JATI chain, which is mainly reflected in:

1. Added Turing’s complete smart contract function, which can automatically execute (“smart”) the agreement (“contract”) reached by both parties under certain conditions, and can support digital marketing and the construction of smart contracts on the multi-domain chain;

2. Faster block exploding speed: The block exploding speed of JATI smart chain (JAT) has been adjusted from 1 block every 10 minutes of JAT to 1 block every 12 seconds;

3. Support the construction of decentralized Dapps applications, making it possible for the main chain network to build a huge application ecosystem;

4. Algorithm upgrade: The original JAT chain (JAT) JAT-SHA512 algorithm is changed to the innovative and improved JAT-ethash algorithm, which enhances security and flexibility;

5. Lightning network + lower transaction fees + convenient transactions;

6. Provides various secondary development API interfaces and supporting tools;

7. Higher TPS network throughput + faster block confirmation speed;

8. Ecology such as NFT, DEFI, micro-advertising trading system and advertising smart contract platform can be deployed;

9. Comprehensive improvement of network performance, network security and network scalability;

10. In the future, it will be able to interact with mainstream chains such as Huobi Ecological Chain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.;


About JAT Digital Assets

JAT (Jumbo Advertising Talent) is a global digital advertising blockchain public chain network based on “blockchain technology + smart contract + lightning precision reach technology + DAPP ecology”, and adopts JAT-SHA512 innovative algorithm + IPOW information flow proof Encrypted digital assets produced by the mining reward mechanism. In the future, JAT may become an important settlement token in the global digital advertising of the scale of 100 billion in the “on-chain advertising era”.

After JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence) goes online, JAT mainnet 1.0 will stop running and go offline. The JAT digital assets originally produced by JAT explosions will be mapped 1:1 on JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence). In the future, “JAT” digital assets will also be produced in the JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence) main chain network.

JAT Mining

About JAT application

In terms of landing applications, the JAT network was born to solve the trust problem in the digital advertising field. It will develop a series of technical and ecological applications and digital Integration of advertising to create an innovative blockchain global Digital advertising public chain ecology, to achieve a seamless point-to-point link between Advertisers and individual traffic, and to create a trust network of Advertisers, Advertising platform owners, and Users, which can guarantee Advertisers The accuracy of advertising and rewarding traffic owners and users are also expected to realize the traceability of advertising and the identification of consumption conversion paths. Streaming will subvert the traditional advertising model and promote the new marketing revolution of the blockchain.

In terms of mining: A series of DAPP mining ecological applications such as joint mining programs and liquid mining based on JATI (Jumbo Advertising Talent Intelligence) are being developed to promote the development of JAT mining ecology. It is estimated that they will be launched in the next year.

JAT Official website:http://ja-t.co/
JAT is listed on WBF Exchange:https://m.wbfex.biz/index

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