Inery Opens Ambassador Program Applications – Web3 Enthusiasts Invited to Join

Inery has announced the launch of their ambassador program, which will reward selected applicants with INR tokens. 

Inery, the layer-1 blockchain currently in end stages of their testnet, and preparing to launch their novel, decentralized, approach to database management,  invites the Web3 community to join its program – all you need in order to participate is have a strong online presence, a passion for Web3, and be eager to showcase and promote Inery's decentralized mission. 

Inery's ambassador program is designed to unite a community of enthusiastic and committed individuals who share the same vision as Inery. This opportunity is ideal for influencers, traders, blockchain enthusiasts, or anyone with a strong interest in the future of decentralized technology.

By becoming an Inery ambassador, successful applicants will have the opportunity to represent the company through approved brand promotional activity to their followers and will be incentivized for their hard work with INR tokens – which are rising in popularity. 

Those who meet the above criteria and are interested in becoming an Inery ambassador can fill out the application form and await the company's response. 

This is a unique opportunity to join the Inery team and become an integral part of the Web3 revolution.

Don’t wait around, join the future of Web3 today! CLICK HERE TO APPLY

About Inery
Inery is a layer-1 blockchain and decentralized database management system that utilizes blockchain technology to provide a decentralized, secure, and trustworthy foundation for managing databases. By incorporating blockchain features and distributed database properties, Inery aims to revolutionize the way data is accessed, stored, and managed. Inery’s proprietary technology offers a paradigm shift from Web2 to Web3 in database management that is decentralized, fast, and tamper-proof. READ MORE

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