GULF CRYPTO BANK Participation as Diamond Sponsor in Fintech & Crypto Summit in Bahrain was a Total Hit.

GULF CRYPTO BANK: the First Arabic Crypto Bank to be established combining both banking systems: a standard one involving the new era in finance; crypto.

The idea behind it stems from the gaps the Arab world mainly is suffering from and aspires to tackle them in the most efficient and professional way. This banking project is what people are tremendously in need of.

GULF CRYPTO BANK was previously recognized to be one of the Top 10 Prominent Projects in the Arab World for the Year 2023 and its participation as Diamond Sponsor and Partner and the success it had in the summit was one more milestone in that direction.

The echoes it had resonated all over the Mena Region and people from different backgrounds were all eager to know more about it and to partner with it by investing and becoming shareholders. Every investor, businessman, entrepreneur, finance person or simply every person looking for passive income or understanding the ease and benefits this project will bring saw the huge potential behind it.

The summit welcomed figures from all the region and the Diamond Sponsor booth of GULF CRYPTO BANK caught the attention of everyone. Firstly, the name is eye catching by itself since it is a one of a kind and a first mover concept in the region. Secondly, the team welcomed every participant and introduced the project and answered all the questions in the most adequate and professional manner.

Many important business meetings were also held with individuals and top companies as well. Moreover, an interesting speech was held gathering the CEO and CTO of GULF CRYPTO BANK in which key points were highlighted for the public.

The potential GULF CRYPTO BANK has is limitless and the system is being built with the most advanced and secure technological tools and from top-notch programmers accompanied by a team of experts with years of experience and know-how. 

GULF CRYPTO BANK was recognized to be a distinctive project and received the award of The FIRST ARABIC CRYPTO BANK. The jury congratulated GULF CRYPTO BANK with an appreciation award and saw that this project will be a turning point in the world of Finance.  It is also noteworthy to mention that the CEO of GULF CRYPTO BANK also received the award of being TOP 50 Influential figures in the World of Finance & Business.

Undoubtedly, GULF CRYPTO BANK is a unique fingerprint in the Business and Finance ecosystem and is a bull run in the Crypto ecosystem as well.

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