CryptoQuest Announces the $METAD Token Sale.

Hoskinsea is pleased to announce its token private sale. It is a marketplace for NFTs that runs on the Cardano network. With Cardano, each transaction is fast and secure at scale, and the ability to trade across chains opens the door to a vibrant ecosystem of crypto assets and collectibles.

Hoksinsea has experienced a huge growth since its inception on the cardano network giving a sharp rise on the interest level from the crypto community. Hoskinsea just announced its Token private sale to early participants who will be among there lucky holders.

Hoskinsea allows any user to create a shop and list their own NFTs for sale under a fixed price or a revenue split with the marketplace. Users can buy from other users, or from shops on Hoskinsea marketplace.

Hoskinsea promotes artists and creators by providing them with a trustless marketplace to share their art. In the future, as the tagline "collectible as an artist" suggests, we hope that users will be able to have their own Dapps on the Cardano network where they can tokenise their physical artwork and sell digital certificates of authenticity.

$HSK Tokens has several uses on the Hoskinsea platform, which will benefit token holders. Hoskinsea aims to build a fully functional Decentralized NFT marketplace on the Cardano ecosystem.

HSK Token Holders Benefits

Purchase of NFT: HSK token holders can be able to purchase NFTs, collectibles and digital assets from Hoskinsea marketplace at a discounted price using HSK tokens.  

Payment of Transaction Fees: Fees arising from NFT minting can be paid using HSK token making the procedure a swift process for token holders

Token Staking/Yield farming: HSK token holders can choose to stake their tokens on our staking platform to earn more tokens in rewards

Governance & Voting: HSK token holders will be made part of the decision-making process of issues that affect our Ecosystem. As such only holders of our token will be given the ability to vote on necessary decision-making process that will affect our ecosystem.

It is important to note that the amount degree of votes you can give and participation in said voting process will be dependent on the amount of token you hold.

NFT Farming: Users will be able to stake NFTs on our NFT staking platform and be able to earn rewards in limited/Rare NFTs which can be tradable on other NFT platforms too.

Transaction Fees Redistribution: Top holders of HSK token will be able to benefit also on our platform by earning a fixed percentage of profits made from all the transactions carried on our platform using the HSK token.

Features of HOSKINSEA NFT Marketplace

  1.     Minting     of NFTs on the marketplace with traits/attributes
  2. Public     and Private listings


  3. Listing/Sales     in different Cardano Native Tokens    


  4. CEX     & DEX Pay integration


  5. Rarity     index and traits ranking


  6. 3D     viewer of NFTs


  7. Ultra-fast     and cheap minting process


  8. Low-transaction     cost


  9. Fast     UI and UX with caching of NFTs

HSK token private sale 

1 ADA: 100 HSK Token

Minimum Purchase: 200 ADA

Maximum Purchase: 20000 ADA

Early participants can purchase in HSK token private sale and become early holders of HSK tokens –

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Company Name: Hosakinsea

Email: [email protected] 


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