Coinovy: The C2F Token Roadmap

The C2F token is a native cryptocurrency for the Coinovy cryptocurrency ecosystem, an upcoming project that will be an all-encompassing crypto finance platform.

C2F tokens are ERC 20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain and are meant to be used as a medium of interaction with this ecosystem. Customers can leverage them to perform operations such as staking, earning interests, providing crypto collaterals for loans, paying trading fees, and many other operations.

Following are the details of the C2F token roadmap:


Q3 2021: September 1:

Beginning of C2F token private sale

Price of one C2F: $0.01

Q4 2021: October 28:

Ending of C2F token private sale

Q4 2021: October 29:

Beginning of C2F token pre-sale

Price of one C2F: $0.02

Q1 2022: January 31:

Ending of C2F token pre-sale

Q1 2022: February 1:

Beginning of C2F token public sale

Price of one C2F: $0.05

Q2 2022: April 30:

Ending of C2F token public sale

Q2 2022: May 1:

Launch of C2F tokens on public cryptocurrency exchanges

Public Sale

Prudent Investment Management is handling the private sale and pre-sale of C2F tokens. It’s an investment management company that has been developing tailor-made solutions for different kinds of investors in the last ten years.

The Coinovy ecosystem will have about 10 features that make it a comprehensive banking platform for both crypto enthusiasts and the uninitiated. For this, Coinovy has partnered with companies such as Visa and BitGo and is offering services such as crypto trading, staking, loan, payment solution, wallet, AI algorithm to predict the movement of digital currencies, and many more.

The pre-sales of the token began on 29th October and will end on January 31, 2022. Investors and experts from the crypto industry are keen to see if the pre-sale is as successful as the private sale.

Token information can be found here.

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