PBoC Governor Says ‘Successful’ Digital Yuan Trials Have Transacted $299M

The governor of the People’s Bank of China praised recent tests of its national digital currency at the Hong Kong Fintech Week conference...

Square Funds Designer to Make Crypto Wallets Usable by Anyone

Maggie Valentine was awarded the grant to help make bitcoin wallets usable by anyone. Source link

Australian Central Bank, Commonwealth, National Australia Bank Partner on CBDC Research Project

The Australian central bank announced Monday it’s partnering with Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Perpetual and ConsenSys Software to explore the possible use...

Bitcoin Developers Divided on Specifics of Taproot Activation

The code for Taproot, Bitcoin’s biggest upgrade in years, is finalized and has been packaged into a forthcoming update. Only, it’s not ready...

MakerDAO Members Voting on a Safeguard Against BProtocol Flash Loan-Type Attack

The MakerDAO community is voting on a proposal to harden the protocol's governance structure against flash loan voting. Source link

Overstock Touts Voatz Blockchain Voting App as Solution to US Election Fracas

Days before a U.S. presidential election marred by court fights over vote counting and partisan allegations of rampant mail-in ballot fraud, is...

Ethereum Developers Pencil In January for Eth 1.x ‘Berlin’ Hard Fork

Ethereum’s “Berlin” hard fork remains a few months away at best, according to the All Core Developers bi-weekly call held Friday. A soft...

Huawei’s Mate 40 Phone to Ship With Digital Yuan Wallet

The upcoming Mate 40 line of devices will feature a built-in hardware wallet for China's central bank digital currency. Source link

‘Flash Loans’ Now Being Used to Manipulate Protocol Votes

Flash loans can be used for more than just siphoning funds out of poorly put-together decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.That’s one lesson investors can...

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