Bitcoin Holds Steady Above $25K as European Banking Crisis Eases

BTC has remained in a range between $24,200 and $25,200 over the past 24 hours. Investors are hoping the Federal Reserve relaxes its...

Friendliness Toward Crypto ‘Does Not Exist’

Two days later, Santa Clara, California-based Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a go-to institution for venture-backed tech startups, was taken over by the California...

The Banking Crisis Has Been Good for Stablecoin Experimentation

If you balk at the idea of a crypto-based tool like stablecoins essentially functioning like a “proxy” central bank digital currency (CBDC), as...

Crypto Exchange Orca to Block US Traders From Website

The top decentralized exchange on Solana will restrict U.S. trading activity from beginning on March 31. Source link

How AI Is Changing Artistic Creation and Challenging IP Laws

“These are ethical concerns that, as a society, we're really confronted with for the first time,” said trademark and copyright lawyer Jessica Neer...

Ethereum’s Shanghai Hard Fork Now Has Official Target Date

Ethereum developers discussed April 12 for the long-awaited upgrade that will enable staked ETH withdrawals. Once the date is confirmed by developers on...

Web3 Company Orange Comet Taps 13-Year-Old Artist Doodle Boy for NFT Drop

The company is bringing teenaged artist Joe Whale’s work to life through a series of digital collectibles minted on OpenSea. Source link

Arbitrum to Airdrop New Token and Transition to DAO

Arbitrum worked with Nansen, the crypto analytics firm, to “snapshot” user activity in February in order to determine who should be eligible for...

Bitcoin Holds Steady; Dogecoin Leads Slide in Major Cryptocurrencies as Traders Lock In Gains

The market saw higher-than-usual volatility this week following the collapse of crypto-friendly banks over the weekend. Source link

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